21 Mar / 10:00 am

Everything I Know About Spy

The Photoshop, a self proclaimed sneaky bastard and administrator of Nup! Squad Features, has put together a video showing off everything he knows about spy. N!SF is an Australian based clan who got their start winning a Nintendo Power sponsored, Goldeneye007 tournament on the Nintendo 64. Looks like they’ve been playing first person shooters since around 1997 and I’m glad they’re into Team Fortress 2. Without further ado, here’s the video.

6 Responses to “Everything I Know About Spy”

  1. moop[DJedi] Says:

    Great video and good tips for someone like me who sucks at spy.

  2. HEINEKEN Says:

    very well done.

  3. whisp Says:

    this is very well done, it is refreshing to see a tutorial this in depth that even experienced players can benefit from.

  4. neeyal Says:

    nice tips, I had been confused about the cloak/disguise/smoke thing. good to finally know!

  5. N!SF kirbykia Says:

    Photo is the man!. He is the most crafty, annoying spy i have ever played with and is a great guy to scrim with.

  6. N!SF Back Door Says:

    Heh, I was the one that was getting killed in all them. But seriously photos one of the best spys I’ve seen. During the filming i was engie and he was demonstrating the top stab (Tip #18 3:52) I didn’t even know that he came in, He just stabbed me and i was shocked.