28 Aug / 10:00 am

DJedi over Paper in STA Playoffs

Tuesday night DJedi faced Paper for the first week of the playoffs. The round started out with a bang and Paper had us on our heels smacking us around with the kritzkrieg and a demoman. They pushed us all the way back to our last point but we persevered and were able to move out and push them all the way back to their last point. Tendril had some killer pyro runs that introduced a lot of chaos and as he was distracting them other team members would clean up. Great team effort all around, good games Paper.

Round 1: 4-0, DJedi
Round 2: 4-0, DJedi
Final: 8-0, DJedi > Paper

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2 Responses to “DJedi over Paper in STA Playoffs”

  1. Peru.Ramiroquai Says:

    Vimeo erasing all videos containing games. =( including mine. Any place for upload HD videos?

    Cya! (i have new video)

  2. lunk Says:

    Yea, fuck vimeo. I deleted my account after that bull.