24 Jan / 11:57 am

CTF_Well Official Map To Be Released

Read over at the PC Gamer blog today that yet another new map is in the pipeline for Team Fortress 2 fans. Valve has reworked CP_Well to make it a CTF map with only a few minor tweaks to the inside of the bases.

QWTF: Well6

Their tentative due date is tomorrow – Thursday the 23rd of Jan – but it may slip till next week. It’s Well, stripped of its control points, restructured slightly, and transformed into a Capture-The-Intelligence map. Also: it’s great.

Knowing that Valve operates on it’s own time line, waiting until it’s finished, I wouldn’t expect to see the map for the next few months.

According to Tom Francis on the PC Gamer blog this latest map will not be included in the upcoming Badlands and Goldrush map releases.

This isn’t one of the two maps that are coming – they’re Goldrush and Badlands, as discussed in the last post. But this should appease some of the hordes angry that Badlands has come over all control-pointy.

Finally Valve is listening to the cries from the community for more CTF style maps. Hopefully this will just be the first in a long series of capture the intelligence/flag maps we can expect in the up coming weeks.


Apparently Shacknews also has an article up talking about the new map too.

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