16 Aug / 11:00 am

Canalzone Final Released

Vilepickle wrapped up a long development phase and has released Canalzone. This map is a throwback to the best that Quakeworld Team Fortress has to offer.

While Vilepickle never played qwtf, the encouragement of a number of old school players pushed him to create this new map with unique gameplay. When this whole process started I never really new where we would end up. The map has exceeded all expectations I had for it and hopefully will turn a few heads at Valve.


The 8 cp points aren’t like your traditional linear CP maps. This is a domination game mode where controlling more points than your opponent is the goal. The more points you own the faster your team’s percentage increases. Basically the team that owns more than half the control points the longest wins the round.

Excerpt from Readme

Canalzone was a QuakeWorld Team Fortress map with 8 control points. Players had to bring flags to the CP’s and as this happened the team’s overall score increased based on the number of points obtained.

Dom_canalzone is a remake of this first Canalzone map (NOT the Team Fortress Classic version cz2 with 5 points). It uses the Domination game mode created by TheBladeRoden. In this game mode, players capture control points like other TF2 maps, but as they do so they score more points over time (as shown as a percentage score on the HUD). Whoever reaches 100% domination first wins the round. Teams can also win by capturing all 8 control points. Spawn points are dynamic, in that as you capture CP’s, you gain more spawn locations and the other team loses those spawn points if they had them.

For additional screenshots and the download links, head over to Vilepickle.com. Might as well snag The Pickle Jar while you’re over there.

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