24 Jul / 2:00 pm

Canalzone Beta Released


Finally, the wait is over. After much wishing, hoping, praying and finally, the posting of a bounty, Canalzone beta 1 has arrived for community consumption. Thanks to VilePickle’s many hours of hard work, Canalzone has been updated with a new domination game mode and re-themed to fit into the world of Team Fortress 2. Now that the map is in beta, we hope players find the map as fast paced and exciting as we all did.

Blue Warehouse

For fans of the original canalzon from QWTF, there have been a few notable changes. First, there are no flags to carry around, there are 8 CP’s. Secondly, the scores do not go toward team points like they used to. In TF2 that would result with lots of silly dinging. Each team has a meter counting towards 100% and is reflected in the score meter both in the user interface and in the middle of most CP’s. The team who reaches 100% first, by controlling the most points is awarded the score for that round and the teams switch sides. A team may also win the round by capturing all 8 CP’s. There is no command center.

Canalzone Map

New players, upon seeing this map for the first time may be a bit confused. There are many control points and they are all named and numbered. Please review this overhead view of the map to get your feel for the lay of the land. This map was created to reflect the quakeworld version of canalzon, but the basic architecture and point identification is the same. Of note, there are no more secrets and all paths have been opened up between the CP’s.

This map need some beta testing to shake out any bugs that may not be apparent. This map is well on its way and Vile will more than likely receive the previously posted bounty.

You may download the map directly from VilePickle’s website.
Download (7zip – 9.40MB)
Download (zip – 21.40MB)
Download (bz2 – 21.60MB)

3 Responses to “Canalzone Beta Released”

  1. Spotpuff Says:

    No flags = lose :(

    Why were they taken out?

  2. whaley Says:

    Vilepickle is ftw

  3. lunk Says:

    There are some other screenshots I forgot to include in the post at http://www.vilepickle.com/pics/cz/