25 Mar / 6:54 pm

CAL-TF2 disappointment, or lack of patience.

I must say that I for one was excited about CAL-TF2, hearing much about them running several successful leagues in different games, I was only hoping the same could be said about Team Fortress 2.  Sadly I am currently just disappointed in my initial impressions.  I did a couple quick looks at the numbers in the first two weeks of matches and stumbled across these numbers right away.  In the first week, there was 25 matches, 9 of which appear to be forfeits based on the reporting of the score.  I was excited for such a short time, 25 matches scheduled thats 50 clans, perhaps there is hope for a decent league.   In the second week there was 22 scheduled matches, 10 of which were forfeits.   I really hope that its because of Easter, but it seems to be a trend.

There are a lot of familiar names in the league, that appears in both TFL and STA, and I really was expected CAL which is rather popular with the counterstrike world to bring in some new clans.  Lets just hope this trend levels off and we can get several clans that hang around and make it enjoyable.  I just want to thanks *BS* and [5e] for at least showing up.  It is always a shame to practice, plan and then be disappointed by another clans disorganization.

2 Responses to “CAL-TF2 disappointment, or lack of patience.”

  1. *BS!*smoke Says:

    We’ll be here.

  2. klapdout Says:

    thus far, the first season of cal has been a total failure for us

    we have yet to actually play match

    first two pre season games, both forfeit wins

    first regular season was a FW

    last week we were unable to field 8 due to easter
    (scheduling a match on a holiday ftl =[)
    and of course CyberStyle wouldn’t reschedule

    now, our next match we face a team with only 7 on the roster