17 Mar / 4:00 pm

CAL: DJedi over *503* on ctf_Mach

Not much to say about our first CAL match that the screenshots don’t say for themselves. Round 1 found DJedi venturing to the far left coast to a server in Portland, OR. Even with the major ping disadvantage our teamwork still triumphed and we took round 1. For Round 2 we moved to our NuclearFallout server in Chicago and with a few lineup changes we pulled out 22 more captures.

Round 1 – Hein for beating Slingshot
Round 2 – Rental for offensive engineer on their side of the map which kept our shutout alive


Round 1: DJedi 15 – *503* 0
Round 2: DJedi 22 – *503* 0
Final Score: DJedi over *503* 37-0

5 Responses to “CAL: DJedi over *503* on ctf_Mach”

  1. HEINEKEN Says:

    our lowest player R2 had 18 better than their highest player.

  2. Bitch Says:

    You guys should really learn how to score if you want to brag. Read the cal rules. Captures dont mater the actual score was 2-0, but with you guys being so gay you think its 37-0 lol what morons.

  3. rental Says:

    Score of the match:
    DJedi Sentry in 503’s Base.

  4. moop[DJedi] Says:

    Quoting the rule.

    3.60 Calling the Match

    • Two 20 minute halves, the team with the most points after 40 minutes wins the match. If it’s still tied after 40 minutes, the match goes to sudden death overtime, where the next flag cap wins the match. Each capture = 1 point when reporting the score.

    Based on the last line, it states we report 1 point for each of our thirty seven captures, which is what we did. Not really bragging as much as dictating facts.

  5. sf Says:

    I don’t really see this as bragging and there really is no need to. The screenshots speak for themselves.