31 Mar / 4:30 pm

CAL: Balloons over DJedi on CTF_2Fort

Clan Balloons bested DJedi on 2Fort last night. During the past weekend, it seemed like every time I saw Surge or Pancakes on my friends list, they were in a 2forts scrim and their hard work definitely paid off. While they were practicing as a team to defeat us, DJedi tried to rack up as many points as possible with an all engineer practice.


Round 1 we threw together a lineup of folks who were around and got started. Balloons snuck into our base and quickly moved the flag to the top of our backstairs. Tendril was on RR defense and held the flag in place as long as possible, but Detta spied the flag out and Balloons went up 1-0 fairly early. We finally started to get warmed up and settled into our groove and pushed heavily into the enemy base with all six members of our offense. We moved the flag into position in their RR, but as we were pushing Balloons had snuck into our base and our two man defense didn’t stand a chance. While DJedi managed to pull out a capture and tie it up, it didn’t last long as Balloons had our flag out and it was just a matter of time before they captured. Round 1: DJedi 1 – Balloons 2


Since we were the home team and everyone was pinging low, we stayed on our server for Round 2. Round 2 was almost an exact replay of the first. With a few lineup changes, we started a sniper out of the gate and had a few folks hang back to take out their triple scout push. After thwarting off the first wave of attacks DJedi started pushing extremely hard to make up the capture required to tie the score. Once again this left our defense vulnerable and Balloons proceeded to capture twice in the 2nd round again. DJedi struggled and only managed to pull out a single capture this round also. Round 2: DJedi 1 – Balloons 2

Final Score: Balloons O~ 4 – DJedi 2

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