25 Sep / 9:00 pm

Auto Aim Sniper Movie

Saw this movie over on OnlineGamer.se and was disturbed that they would display a movie that involved cheating. After posting a comment on the site calling it a disgrace, I was informed that auto-aim, -AA-, was a sniper guild and that it actually didn’t involve cheating. Thanks to Max Collins for clearing it up with the following comment.

Hi Lunk. I saw that you’ve made a comment on the “Auto-Aim”-movie on Onlinegamer.se, believing it was a movie about using cheats. The name “Auto-Aim” is the name of a group of snipers from various European clans. No cheats were used in that movie.

Just to make that clear. I would never post anything related to TF2 cheating.

One Response to “Auto Aim Sniper Movie”

  1. Max Collin Says:

    …and check this awsome movie out: http://www.onlinegamer.se/2008/09/25/film-gogolrush/

    Fantastic animations!