23 Aug / 12:00 pm

Arena Mach Released

Vilepickle has been at it again, releasing a custom arena map based on Mach4. After some play testing the other day, VP took some suggestions and added a small health outside on the stump and to make the bases worth going into, put a medium health pack on the old flag pedestal. Mach4 has been re-themed with with the new alpine textures and materials provided with the heavy update to create an aesthetically pleasing arena map.


From the Readme:

The Mach bases have been relocated to a forested environment. A new game mode awaits players in this lush scenery, one without flags that Mach is known for. The level has undergone some large modifications to compensate. The middle area is now larger. Players can now get up out of the previous flag area pit easily. A spawn room has been eliminated, and the sniper deck is accessible to all from outside the base. There is more cover outside. The sky is much, much higher than in the CTF version. This is a bit different than other Arena maps, because I’ve opted to have a decent amount of health packs around the map. There are two small ones in the middle (one on the tower, one on the stump), one small in each sewer entrance, and a medium pack on the previous flag stands to encourage use of the bases.

Download (7zip – 7.3MB)
Download (zip – 10.5MB)

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