28 Jan / 2:45 pm

Antec 900 Review

I have been keeping track of some overclocking adventures on personal blog and just wanted to share some of the results that I was able to get with the addition of the Antec 900 gaming case.


Over the weekend I rebuilt my computer into the Antec 900 case. The parts arrived on Tuesday but with work and TF2 matches I couldn’t risk being down during the middle of the week. This case is a definite improvement in cooling over the Sonata III that I originally purchased for my system.

When I initially was putting this system together I didn’t expect to do any overclocking. The hardware was already pretty fast and would play any games out now and rocked my primary concern of Team Fortress 2 without breaking a sweat. Then I tried overclocking just to see what performance gain I could achieve and was pleasantly surprised that I could take the processor to 3.6GHZ on stock cooling.

Sorry for the cross post, but copy & paste is too easy and I really think other gamers can benefit from this case.

2 Responses to “Antec 900 Review”

  1. whisp Says:

    I have this case, it rocks. only problem is ppl have taken notice it rocks and everybody has it… i put in custom red fans though for a custom look though ; )

    problem with this review though djedi is that he/you (duno) doesn’t list his processors stock clock speed was, a clock speed is only useful information if u have a original speed to guage the oc with?

  2. lunk Says:

    Hey, The E6850 processor is supposed to be clocked at 3.0 GHZ.