28 Jan / 5:16 pm

Alpha Mod: Grenades in TF2

Saw a thread over on The Catacombs talking about an Alpha Mod that is attempting to reintroduce grenades into TF2 through a custom mod. It looks like the people on youtube who saw the video posted just didn’t get it and had some classic moronic commentary to add to the video, here are some highlights.

SebOS2010 (1 day ago)
You guys to need some professional help, if your thinking of murdering someone over a mod thats only going to be used on 2 servers.

Track14 (1 day ago)
as long as your mod doesn’t infect other servers, IT’S FINE, but if you release it to the general public that is where you are crossing the line.

Adamido (1 day ago)
If public wants it all you can do is STFU.


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