25 Jun / 4:20 pm

A Tribute to Douchebaggery

15:01:31 @KINOWEK> the makers of that song = obviously jealous of Ab Perfection
15:01:48 @KINOWEK> and of course, razor sharp hair
15:03:30 @[SC]DW> some of those guys have like a skin color that just doesnt look human
15:03:45 @[SC]DW> how you can be tan and glow at the same time…
15:05:12 @KINOWEK> tan in a bottle’d
15:05:31 @KINOWEK> while on the one hand, I believe everybody should at least attempt to get into
15:05:46 @KINOWEK> that level of douchery with the clothes and bottled tan = laff
15:08:10 @[SC]DW> and why the same hairstyle?
15:08:21 @[SC]DW> did individuality go out of style?
15:11:20 @KINOWEK> obviously
15:11:35 @KINOWEK> although these nutjobs are hardly the only group that all looks the same
15:11:46 @KINOWEK> rednecks, goths, preps, whatever classification
15:11:49 @KINOWEK> you want to use
15:12:23 @KINOWEK> I wonder if it’s human nature or just weak willed human nature to try to
emulate others to the point of losing your own identity
15:12:25 @[SC]DW> i guess if it works then go with it
15:12:42 @[SC]DW> all depends on your goals
15:12:48 @KINOWEK> brb painting myself neon green so I stand out in a crowd
15:12:54 @[SC]DW> sweet
15:13:00 @KINOWEK> with polka dots
15:13:11 @KINOWEK> hrm
15:13:12 @[SC]DW> maybe glow in the dark tan
15:13:22 @KINOWEK> no I fear the glowing tan
15:13:36 @KINOWEK> the amount of pussy I would get from the tan would just make it hard to have
enough energy to go to work
15:13:40 @KINOWEK> gotta keep things in perspective
15:13:52 @[SC]DW> yeah, you dont want to overdo it

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