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30 Dec / 6:30 pm


Thanks to Tickenest for finding the following image. I was spectating a match between DJedi and Marauder about a decade ago while Zaifear[DJedi] was ripping it up as sniper. Tickenest snapped the following screenshot while making some YouTube videos of some old QWTF matches. Oh QWTF, the glorious memories, I will never forget.

24 Dec / 12:00 pm

Spy Frontstabs

Hi guys of Digitaljedi.

First: merry chritsmas and a happy new year guys!

I send a video of only frontstabs of my spy. i hope u enjoy it


24 Dec / 9:30 am

CEVO Season 3

TF2 Season 3 Registration Open

CEVO LLC is pleased to announce the opening of registration for the next season of Team Fortress 2. Season 3 features $1,800 in guaranteed cash prizes for teams competing across the various skill divisions. CEVO is also excited to announce that with Season 3 comes the announcement of the CEVO-FREE Division.

The regular event membership fee for the Professional Division is $20 USD per player. However, any player who registers by 11:59 PM PT Sunday, December 14th will receive a discounted early bird rate of only $15 USD. Players may register for Season 3 without already being on a team. Registration for CEVO Team Fortress 2 Season 3 will open on Friday, December 4th at midnight and remain open until Thursday, January 1st at midnight.

The event will consist of two skill divisions, FREE (CEVO-FREE), and Professional (CEVO-P). The FREE Division (CEVO-FREE) is taking over where the Amateur Division left off, so it’s open to any team and FREE to all participants. It is divided into three conferences: Atlantic, Central, and Pacific. Teams will be participating for free entry into paid CEVO events. There will be one match per week in this division and the Match Deadline Day is Thursday of each week.

The Professional Division (CEVO-P) will consist of the most talented teams in North America. Any team interested in competing in the Professional Division will be accepted. The Professional Division has only one National Region. Teams will be competing for $1,500.00 in guaranteed cash! Professional teams will play two matches per week on Monday and Thursday nights.

For more information including rules and registration procedures visit the full news post HERE.

04 Dec / 2:30 pm

Mario Kart In Real Life