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27 Nov / 3:30 pm

Happy Thanksgiving, You’re A Winner

25 Nov / 3:00 pm

TeaM Fortress 2 Theme On Mario Paint Composer

Found this over on Wegame while watching the last series of videos and had to check it out.

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20 Nov / 1:00 pm

STA Season 4 Playoff Brackets Starting to Shape Up

The RPI rankings for STA Season 4 have been posted on the STA site and it looks like we will have a redemption match vs. Scissors who beat us in Week 1 on CP_Well by one point, which was scored in overtime.

690 1 1 > Veneration
639 4 2 ((R)) Rock
627 2 3 w| Worth It
621 3 4 8<S>8 Scissors
616 5 5 [DJedi] Digital Jedi
580 9 6 ][’* Treason
575 16 7 # Pound
567 12 8 GALACTIC Galactic
19 Nov / 7:00 pm

Panfrie Pyro and Scout Video

Here’s a video put together by Panfrie of him playing some a few classes. I talked to him briefly over steam about the crazy pyro jump on the third point of gold rush and this is what he said.

lunk[DJedi]: yo man
PanFrie: sup
lunk[DJedi]: just saw your scout/pyro video for the first time
lunk[DJedi]: really enjoyed the jump on the last point of goldrush
lunk[DJedi]: did you learn that from scouting?
PanFrie: nope
PanFrie: just saw it and tried to
PanFrie: tried it*
PanFrie: and got lucky :-p
lunk[DJedi]: haha
lunk[DJedi]: that’s awesome

I will have to practice that move whenever the cart is in position. To see what I’m talking about watch below around 40 seconds. Is seems as if defense can use the cart to their advantage as well.Enjoy.

19 Nov / 4:20 pm

Scorpion Escalator: Flawless Victory

18 Nov / 11:00 am

Left4Dead Released On Steam

As of midnight EST, the PC version of Left 4 Dead, Valve’s zombie thriller, is now available via Steam to gamers around the globe. The title will be available for the PC and Xbox 360 at retail stores on Tuesday, November 18 in North America, and worldwide on Friday, November 21.

17 Nov / 3:30 pm

Play Left4Dead on TF2 maps

Wilson[DJedi] pasted this link into IRC from Kotaku. You can now relive what it’s like playing on a public server in TF2, just mow down the zombies.

You can even download the hacked map and check it out for yourself.

Not much of a surprise this is a possibility, the two games do use the same game after all. But Left 4 Dead hasn’t even launched and someone’s already modding it (probably the demo, anyway.) Here’s nine minutes — reloading! — of Left 4 Dead gunplay on TF2’s Dustbowl map (slightly customized). Warning, the volume on this sucker is hecka loud for some reason, with tons of — reloading! — gunfire.

17 Nov / 9:33 am

Quality Control

16 Nov / 8:40 am

Heavy Gets Juggled

Haha, this heavy had no idea his jump to surprise the enemy would result in him not touching the ground until he died. Good teamwork with the pyro

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15 Nov / 9:04 pm

Ryu TF2 Frag Video

If the shots don’t keep you riveted during this video then the music selections surely will.

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