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30 Sep / 2:52 am

Fragga’s Soldier Frag Video

BB.Cowpimp found this frag video on YouTube and linked me to it. There are some pretty intense double air tags in this. Enjoy!

25 Sep / 9:00 pm

Auto Aim Sniper Movie

Saw this movie over on and was disturbed that they would display a movie that involved cheating. After posting a comment on the site calling it a disgrace, I was informed that auto-aim, -AA-, was a sniper guild and that it actually didn’t involve cheating. Thanks to Max Collins for clearing it up with the following comment.

Hi Lunk. I saw that you’ve made a comment on the “Auto-Aim”-movie on, believing it was a movie about using cheats. The name “Auto-Aim” is the name of a group of snipers from various European clans. No cheats were used in that movie.

Just to make that clear. I would never post anything related to TF2 cheating.

24 Sep / 10:00 am

TF2 Evolution of Trick Jumping

This movie has some really cool trick jumps and some awesome usage of the pyro compression blast to allow the soldiers and demomen to take advantage of some well placed rockets. I hope you enjoy this one.

22 Sep / 11:00 am

STA Season 3, Week 1 Schedule

STA has had some trouble moving their data to a new hosting company due to the slowness of their old host. Bucky provided me with this week’s schedule and I have posted it here. Please report scores in #sta-tf2 on irc so that Bucky can keep track of them.

Tuesday’s map is CP_Well, good luck to all.

Bucky33> I have no idea who played who recently, so I’ll post a schedule here
Bucky33> if anyone played the same team last week I’ll change it
Bucky33> other than that, lets roll
Bucky33> > vs #
Bucky33> [AR] vs ((R))
Bucky33> [DJedi] vs 8<S>8
Bucky33> [CSTF] vs [NIL8]
Bucky33> |K}{R| vs [GD]
Bucky33> rs| vs .tj.
Bucky33> .tj|z. vs (x_x)
Bucky33> -=|Mr|=- vs w|
Bucky33> [GS|LoE] vs xD
Bucky33> {Xeno} vs -|RE|-
Bucky33> [S-Crew] vs [FDG]
Bucky33> {ED} vs [SKC]

The Highlander schedule for Monday night has also been posted and is as follows.

Bucky33> here’s the highlander schedule:
Bucky33> lc vs # Title Match
Bucky33> rs vs CSTF
Bucky33> w| vs AR
Bucky33> K}{R vs .tj.
Bucky33> MTF vs OTD
Bucky33> MTF gets the bye if OTD isn’t ready
Bucky33> post match results here as well
Bucky33> or in #sta-tf2hl

22 Sep / 10:00 am

Teamfortress.TV is Back!

Glad to see these guys back and covering the TF2 community once again. Glad they got some footage of DJedi, even though it was a clip of myself and infinite getting back capped on cp_well. We were also the proud acceptors of the historic, first “Steamroll of the week” award. It’s great to have more video coverage of competitive matches and I wish you the best of luck in keeping this thing going.

21 Sep / 11:30 pm

Scout Video from [GC]Para

Found this over on WeGame’s recently featured TF2 videos section. Unlike the neilA video which caught so much crap for being from a pub server, this one looks like it’s all from matches and scrims. Cool video, I liked the run where he took out five of the other guys on the middle of Granary.

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19 Sep / 10:00 am

Emptynoflow Demoman Frag Video

Found this sweet demo video over at Onlinegamer Sweden and it’s one of the better ones I’ve seen. Enjoy and happy fragging.

12 Sep / 2:00 pm

Video: A Tribute to Medic

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12 Sep / 10:00 am

Spy Video: Valve You’re Never Gonna Keep Me Down

Picking on fatties has never been so funny.

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01 Sep / 12:30 pm

Conception Fail

I drive past this building on the way to my girlfriend’s house all the time. Yesterday I remembered to bring a digital camera and finally was able to snap a photo of the building and sign on the way back from The Dark Knight. Happy Labor Day

Conception Fail