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12 Aug / 3:30 pm

Heavy Update Announcement


Thanks to sizzle from clan pound for pointing me to this forum post that confirms that the heavy update is just around the corner. To double check I jumped over to the Official Team Fortress 2 Blog and saw that Robin Walker had posted with an updating confirming the new updates. Valve has already created a heavy update page and have revealed the name of the community map that will be included.

CP_Steel, A complex Attack/Defense control point map, with some unique gameplay. Unlike most TF2 maps, capturing a control point modifies the layout of the map, opening and closing routes for each team. As a result, the offensive team has a wide variety of tactical choices around how they’d like to assault the final point.

We have played a match vs KBD and many scrims on cp_steel and after learning some of the intricacies of the map it turned out to be pretty fun.

It looks like the heavy update site has been setup to elude to a new update announced everyday for the next week to ramp up excitement for the release on August 19th. Hope this doesn’t effect our Tuesday match night as much as it did when the pyro updates were released.