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11 Jun / 4:00 pm

STA: The Digital Jedi vs Kind of a Big Deal

The following writeup, submitted by Heineken, covers a pre-season match against Random Shackers, now known as KBD on CP_Steel. This map has a steep learning curve, but after a few scrims we were able to pull it together.


We started off on the DJedi Chicago server where everyone on both teams averaged around 40 ping (most having 20-30 and a few outlayers)

Defenders: thespawn/hein medic, grog/polar demo, slingshot/wilson/niko soldier, tendril eng/soldier
The round started off with DJedi playing defense. We decided to try some spy sneakery at A to get a medic. I’m not so sure it worked, but we also sent a demoman to take up some of their time. Polar was able to kill two of them right off the bat. He held them off for a minute or two and fell back to the rest of us at B. Tendril was our designated sentry gun professional and put it in the designated SG spot. After it went down twice (as he wanted) he went Soldier. It did a good job of forcing their ubers. He was able to keep it up against two seperate uber rushes (hw and then a demo). Slingshot as soldier and theSpawn as medic started the round off up high in B clogging the small hallway for them and dropped down when they flooded it. Heineken and theSpawn basically kept everyone as overhealed as possible, even though theSpawn was trailing behind Slingshot like a puppy because he needs a medic on him at all times (LOL!!!!). A spy snuck through and right as someone called “SPY AS ENGINEER!!”, hein got stabbed in the back losing one uber. That little sneak attack didnt do much to bust through the defense. They tried a few singular pushes to E, but grog as piper or Wilson as soldier would always go back and knock them to their doom. Our D was only really tested once when a lot of us were killed and they had 75% of the point. Right then everyone spawned, and heineken had uber and blew it blocking the point. Our 4 soldiers and 2 Demos flooded through and pushed them back. A couple DJedi ended the round with 1 death and many kills. Heineken went 2-1 thanks to that crafty spy!

Attackers: thespawn/hein medic, grog/polar demo, wilson/niko soldier, tendril/slingshot scout
We watched for what they were doing at A and decided to push E hard and end it quick. There was no opposition at B so our demomen piped the oppropriate doors/spawns and soldiers got in place to block as well. Once this was accomplished our 2 scouts jumped onto the point. A few times they had to jump off. Grog and Polar did a stellar job of keeping them piped in, while the Soldiers kept them back with a constant stream of rockets. theSpawn followed the soldiers and demoman keeping them alive, while heineken stayed on the scouts keeping them alive from random rocket spray and pipes. We were able to cap the point without much of a hickup. I’m unaware if any DJedi died during the offensive push. All I know is that I (heineken) didnt get a chance to blow my uber all over Grog’s face so I am unsatisfied.

We started to play D again and were holding them at B for 4 minutes or so and then they decided they wanted to play on their West coast server where everyone pinged atrocious. At this point I had to drop in order to go to work. Otherwise….we would have had both rounds finished by the time I left for work. GG!!

11 Jun / 12:00 pm

Smoothing, An Advanced Demo Technique

Hein found a cool video that shows you how to take advantage of some of the advanced features of Team Fortress 2 demo playback. I didn’t even realize that many of these features even existed before this little tutorial.

11 Jun / 10:00 am

Upgraded! iPhone 3G Guided Tour

The new iPhone 3G is loaded with tons of new features. Ranging from global positioning and directions applications to full web browsing at 3G speeds. This tour covers many great bonuses of upgrading to a new iPhone. Happy upgrading!