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21 May / 4:20 pm

Drink Ninjas

20 May / 1:30 pm

Wolfgang Amadeus’s Spy Tutorial

Found this floating around on youtube this morning. I like the high class music, makes me feel like I could actually conquer a battlefield in a suit and look good doing it.


16 May / 2:00 pm

TF2 griefing starring Demonius X

Holy crap, social griefing from a woman deprived TF2 player. This guy has some interesting theories about women in general and also suggests alternatives, such as the fleshlight. I wonder what motivates people sometimes.

16 May / 12:00 pm

STA: DJedi over FOoM on Goldrush

Tuesday night we faced off against FOoM for STA on Valve’s latest map, a remake of Goldrush. Things kicked off a little after 9:30 and DJedi was on offense first.

Round 1

We pushed out hard with uber and forced FOoM backwards from the gates. We focused on taking out their sniper, [FOoM]pwnoply, and the sentry that was stationed in the loft. After taking out these key defensive members we were able to focus on the cart and keep it constantly moving for most of Stage 1. Stage 2 was roughly the same, we pushed out and took out as many of their defenders with uber as we could and finally pushed far enough to get in range of their sentry. It gave us a bit of resistance but after taking it down we captured the cart and pushed into the second point of stage 2. Here we were met with some strong resistance but were still able to focus and take down their defense with the helpful cover fire of Polar[DJedi]. Stage 3 was much more difficult as we were able to push the cart almost all the way to the back point but were continually thwarted by FOoM’s two demo’s, sniper and engineer. Even with ubers we couldn’t kill enough enemies to cap the cart all the way and were held to 6 points on offense.

Now it was FOoM’s chance to run offense and DJedi was to defend. After such a long round we had a few people who needed to go to work and had someone use the bathroom. All the while, the game was live and there was no break. When the gates opened we were not in position and were down at least 3 guys. FOoM stormed out of their base and made quick order of the first stage. After some adrenaline enhanced words everyone settled down and we sucked it up and got ready to defend Stage 2, this time with our entire lineup. Our gun was almost immediately spotted and taken down by an ubercharge. We held the first point as long as we could, but FOoM overwhelmed us and we moved to setup defense on the 2nd point of the stage. Slingshot took over as sniper and Polar moved to soldier, after first moonlighting as an engineer to help get the gun up. Our defense stood strong with the massive mowing power of infinite and the sharp shooting from Slingshot. I would like to blame theSpawn for our offensive stop, his key saves on various players as medic, especially our sniper, was integral in our success.
Round 1: DJedi 6 – FOoM 3
Praise: theSpawn

SOOoo Close

A short break later we were back on the server to start Round 2. This time DJedi didn’t fumble the defense and started with a full roster. Much as the same as last time though, FOoM rolled out and began pushing us back with ubers while someone hung back to move the cart. While we held them off longer than the last round of defense, we couldn’t stop them and they captured the first stage. This time for stage 2, FOoM kept the pressure on strong the entire round. We had to hold them back for a little more than five minutes and it was an epic struggle for dominance on both sides. For four minutes, both teams exchanged blows and traded frags until the 60 second warning. At this point both sides regrouped and FOoM pushed in with massive forces and blew multiple ubercharges. DJedi scattered to avoid death and countered with an uber-heavy to stop the cart and take out the cluster of people huddling around it.

Round 2

The last 30 seconds was as intense of a firefight as I can remember in any match and as the clock ticked down the cart was still inching forward. Finally, time ran out and FOoM had been stopped by the closest of margins. DJedi then took over on offense and in a replay of the first half, FOoM stopped us with 6 points as time ran out.
Round 2: DJedi 6 – FOoM 3

What a great match, thank you for the intense games FOoM, you guys are always worthy opponents. Look forward to facing you again soon.

Final Score: DJedi over FOoM, 12-6

16 May / 10:00 am

Interesting Soldier Theories

I received an article submission this morning from SpotPuff, owner and author of The Theory of Gaming blog. Some of his points seem a bit off and more geared towards success on public servers where chaos reigns supreme. I think soldiers’ ability to put firepower at distance is key to success of any competitive team. While I don’t agree with all of the issues he is discussing, his opinions are thought provoking. If nothing else, he has created a good set of skills you should practice and perfect if you have hopes of competing against some of the top players in the game.

I wrote an article on soldier issues; just wanted to see if you wanted
to link it on your site as a news article or something.

Feel free to comment too :) You guys are probably better than I am so
maybe it’s just my epic suck causing soldier to be terrible.

14 May / 2:00 pm

Achievement Whores

I would like to thank DirtyDave for sending this to me. Working girls are looking for new ways to generate income. They put those opposable thumb tricks to good use and unlock achievements for pay, what job could be better? Hopefully we’ll all find someone to co-op with that we really care about, but until then, achievement whores are the best way to progress in online games.

14 May / 12:30 pm

TFL: RES over DJedi in Overtime Epic

After defeating Resurrection in STA Play on Desert fortress, we faced off against them again for TFL. TF League has gotten super lazy to the point where they don’t even pick the maps for each week anymore, so it was decided between the clans to face off on cp_labor and cp_granary.

Round 1

Thirty minutes into an extended wait for RES to get enough people, Round 1 kicked off on cp_labor, a DJedi favorite, and we got down to business. Not practicing the map as we should have |RES| caught us completely off guard and dominated the map in almost every way. By the time we got to the middle, there were already pipes lining the barn doorway which delayed our entry into the middle. That delay was all RES needed to claim control of the higher ground and capture the middle point. Typically DJedi has been able to push teams back on cp_labor, but not RES, not on this night. Our only shining moment came when during one push, grog was able to take out four members of RES with a single pipe trap and we pushed all the way to their base for our only capture of the round.
Round 1: RES 4 – DJedi 1

Round 2

After a quick break and some lineup changes, bringing in Tendril and new recruit Hangman to scout it up, we got started on cp_granary. The gates that were introduced in the last update of cp_granary really help the flow of the game and make the battle for the middle much more fair and much more intense. DJedi fought hard and was able to dominate the map for most of the round. We were cruising to a victory and were up 3-0 for the round and tied overall. Then theSpawn[DJedi], hater of kittens and french kisses, jinxed us by saying, “This is the winning round guys”. Needless to say, we didn’t win that round and gave up a capture to go down one capture overall and the round score was 3-1. We needed to work fast if we had any chance to win the match and we put our noses down and capped fast to bring the score to 4-1. We had a shot at getting one more capture, but the timelimit kicked in and the round ended.
Round 2: DJedi 4 – RES 1
Blame: theSpawn

After an epic comeback in round 2 to tie up the game we ventured into overtime territory. The leaders of the clan consulted with their respective teams and it was decided that the overtime map would be cp_well. DJedi had practiced Well even less than Labor and after losing the middle in the opening seconds of the OT round we were never able to regain control. RES was very efficient at pushing us back into our base and eventually captured on us.
OT: RES 1 – DJedi 0

The emotional roller coaster of this match, from the empty feeling at the end of round 1 to the highs of our offense clicking during round 2, left everyone drained. While a W would have been the sweetest icing on the cake, our mistakes Round 1 proved to be too much to overcome. Amazing game |RES|, this will be a match to remember.
Final: RES over DJedi 6-5(OT)

Res also has a writeup of their own, but I think their math is a bit off.

13 May / 2:00 pm

Spy’s Knifin’ My Sentry

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, so the saying goes. Did you know there was more than one way to take down an engineer and his sentry as a spy? I especially like the taunts from behind the dispenser after the gun kills its owner and the dude lets it run out of ammo. Awesome.

13 May / 12:00 pm

Pyro Rock, Through Fire and Flames

Funny little video I found on Youtube of the Pyro doing what he does best, rocking out.

12 May / 2:30 pm

Meet the Red Team

I first caught this video over on ubercharged and while I hate duplicating other’s efforts, this video is too good to not include. The authors did a tremendous job and it looks very professional.

The kids from Atomic Spark (creators of the great unofficial Meet The Pyro video) have put together another “Meet The” video. This team it’s about the entire Red team. The effort on this one is amazing. All done with the standard voice and taunt animations, but with some kick ass editing. Very professional, and it could pass for one of the official Valve TF2 videos.

Team Fortress 2 – Meet the Red Team from Laurence Oliver Chase on Vimeo.