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28 Mar / 9:18 pm

DJedi over mLw on Labor

After spending sometime trying to get a hold of anyone from clan Machines Least Wanted, we thought that we were finally going to get a forfeit win. After my previous post and hearing many tales of woe with clans getting forfeit wins wasting a lot of scrimmages and practices, we thought we were finally have it happen to us. Nine forty five rolls around, and the DJedi guys are on the server getting down, warming up, finalizing positions and strategies. Looks like a forfeit win, a Thursday night ruined? Well, we did some looking around and mLw has a total of nineteen people on the roster so we had hope. Just as the forfeit was about to go down, the first of several mLw guys joins the server, first in comes mLw-NotActuallyThere, and quickly followed by mLw-noShow and mLw-ForfeitHat. So with everyone on the server the match was ready to get going.

All of the practice and preparation paid off, with some excellent speed, the DJedi soldiers took to the center claiming the roofs. with mLw-afk and mLw-InvisibleMan getting taken out quickly, the middle was taken over easily. DJedi then had the uber advantage as mLw-FreeWin went down, leaving only mLw-Houdini as their only medic. Beautifully layered Uber’s got the DJedi boys deep into their base as a couple spawns later the first point was taken. Hard faught first capture and our heroes are up 1 – 0. Sensing roster problems mLw then substituted mLw-IplayCS with mLw-Disappearingdot. We were taken back thinking that DD (disappearingdot) was going to snipe up the middle and make it hard for us, but the boys countered this move with a four spy rush. As moop/infinite/lunk/Yoarashi took to the middle as spies we knew we had one chance. Out of know where Yoarashi turned into a giant ass dinosaur and ate mLw-DisappearingDot, infact he left the server because of this, it was amazing. The ass smashing green dinosaur then went on a tear actually ripping through the barn sending it flying off the map. Apparently no one knew that the barn is kind of like the glass on Impact, do enough damage and it will break. Yoshi still tearing it up through their CP2, and eventually laid an egg on the final cap point, and head back to the blue barn to have a beer with the rest of the DJedi guys as the egg was still capping their last cp point. The giant egg on their CP scared most of the mLw guys off the server, but a couple stood around to see what would happen, and just as it was slowly capping the point it opened up, and there was Keelah, Chaosfiend and Valpurgius sitting at a table drinking coffee and tea discussing global warming. With the cap rate at x3, the final cp was taken and the DJedi guys were up 2- 0. I’d like to extend my thanks to mLw for not calling us on rules for having eleven people, as we didn’t know that Yoshi was carrying them. Leaving round 1, DJedi 2 mLw 0

At this point I woke up, with Lunk yelling in Vent saying “Hey mLw was a no show but [TF2F] wants to scrim”

So a big thanks to [TF2F] for not wasting my Thursday, and the practice we put into the map, it is sad to see more and more teams forfeiting, but it is almost worse that these people are not communicating with admins and informing them that the clan is defunct, which may have allowed for us to reschedule with a clan that actually wanted to play.