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10 Mar / 12:00 pm

STA: DJedi Defeats REV6 in Dustbowl Overtime

Last Tuesday DJedi faced REV6 on cp_dustbowl for STA. I asked some people for their input and will be copying it verbatim since I did not participate in the match.

Round 1
Offense: We fought valiantly and had a tough battle capturing the 2nd stage of dustbowl. For the 3rd stage we ubered through and took out their gun and Rental captured (gay’d) the last CP with no one around.

Defense: Tried to stop REV6 at 2b but they broke through and captured. REV6 Pushed hard on us on the 3rd stage and ultimatley capped out.

Round 2 – See above

Over Time
OT consisted of a stopwatch round on only the 1st stage of dustbowl. We captured first with 4:01 left on the gameclock. Our defense held stout and as the clock ticked down, we held out longer to ultimatley win the match. REV6 dropped from the server knowing they had lost and after multiple hours of match play I don’t blame them.

I would like to extend our gratitude to STA for making dustbowl the longest running match map ever, clocking in at just under 2.5 hours.

PS.: Sorry for such a late writeup and such a lackadaisical approach to the article.


Rental’s POV
I know I had two solo -rent-a-cap-’s, the first was
Offensive Stage 3… ubered in, took out the gun and kept pushing to their back CP.
Put pipes on the spawn doors and capped the final CP right after we capped the front.
The other one I forget.. might have been at stage 2.

Wilson’s POV
Similar to Rental my night started out with incredibly frustrating technical issues, although mine resolved around 60% packetloss from comcast. Props to Akira for stepping it up in the medic position for round 1. Luckily things resolved themself for round 2 so I came in and replaced theSpawn as medic.

Highlights from the round I remember
- R1 our engineer’s sentry taking out two of their team unattended in point 1a
- Rental’s rent-a-cap on the last point
- Rental killing like 5 of their team when we were on defense and lost point 2a. We had like 3 people down after they took point a and they were pushing forward with their entire team and I remember someone saying ‘Rental you better kill their entire team’ or something and then seeing like 5 of them die, so that was huge
- Sling’s uber charge during OT
- Lunk for shoutcasting the match to the rest of us on vent since hltv only had one slot in r1 :(
- Tendril and Moop soldiering in OT on 1b for dominating the platform and keeping the enemy from gaining the strategic high ground

Hein’s POV
2a hosing down 7 or 8 people in a 1 minute span to die to 3 crit rockets simultaneously shot at me on the point.
r2 backstabbing the hw and medic on 3a so we could push in.
OT going 13-0

MVP moments
-Sling’s uber building in OT (even though all of our soldiers should be doing this, he took the initiative to know that it HAD to be done to get the win and it paid off).
-Rental: sneaking behind the D both round 1 and 2 to get cp 3b (props).
-Rental: moving from 3a to 3b and piping the one way area and moving back (i spectated while dead, after the flying crits) and watched him lay sticky after sticky and them walk right over them.

Darwin Award winner
-Akira: for having 100% uber and saying to push then switching off me to die to the stickies on the wall.

Shoe’s POV
Did really well on offense up until OT where I seemed to hit a wall every time
Getting hammered as engy until OT where I somehow kept my gun up through 3 uber charges on it until they finally destroyed it on their final (unsuccessful) push

MVP moments:
Slingshot sniping on Red Rd2

10 Mar / 9:00 am

Overhealer Unlockable Weapon Cancelled

Caught an e-mail correspondence between a user and Robin Walker on the steam forums discussing the overhealer unlockable medic weapon. Looks like Valve couldn’t figure out how to balance the gameplay and have abandoned the idea completely.

A few weeks back I sent a mail to valve, basically a whine about how as a pyro I often draw the short straw on any engagement.

In the email I did mention that I loved to axe people and was a tad concerned regarding the planned overhealer unlock. Double the HP would make it even more suicidal to charge with my axe.

Well I just got a response from Robin

Originally Posted by Email
Hi .

Sorry for the super late reply on this one. I’m getting a ways behind in my email right now.

Thanks a bunch for the long & detailed feedback. It’s always great to get feedback with this amount of time & thought put into it. We’re still thinking about the relationship between the Pyro & the core combat classes, in particular that of the Pyro & the Soldier. We’ve tried a couple of things in our internal playtests, but haven’t found anything we like enough to ship yet. The recent update to the flamethrower with the audio cue played when you’re hitting an enemy seems to have been a good step.

No details on the Pyro’s unlockable weapons yet, sorry. We’re still focusing on the Medic, and the underlying system. Your fire axe will be happy to hear that the Overhealer didn’t work out as well as we wanted it to, and won’t be making an appearance.


As much as I feared the overhealer would nerf melee kills, I’m still a little sad that its been cut.