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22 Feb / 12:30 pm

Moop Kicked off of American Idol!


There has been speculation that our very own Todd Casanova (Moop[DJedi]) has been moonlighting as an American Idol contestant under the alias ‘Colton Barry’. Known for his uncanny ability to manipulate his voice, Todd apparently made it to the top 24 before being kicked off last evening. Tough luck, pal.

21 Feb / 4:55 pm

Beware of Gothopotamus


ICP = Hardcore

20 Feb / 8:08 am

Today marks the arrival of folks to the Scouting Combine!

Indianapolis must be happy that this event keeps growing and growing. For folks like me who believe every sport is second to football, the scouting combine is first big event in a boring offseason when we study college players and pretend like we know what we’re talking about. Of course no one can predict who will do well in the NFL; that’s why there are so many first-round busts. But for every first-round bust there’s a Randy Moss and a Joe Thomas. An Adrian Peterson and a Torry Holt.

Get to know this year’s potential studs.

Here’s the schedule of NFL Network coverage of the event:

Thursday, Feb. 21
2:30 p.m. – NFL Scouting Combine Press Conferences
7 p.m. – NFL Total Access from the Scouting Combine
Friday, Feb. 22
2:30 p.m. – NFL Scouting Combine Press Conferences
7:00 p.m. – NFL Total Access from the Scouting Combine
Saturday, Feb. 23
11 a.m. – Workouts: Kickers, Offensive Linemen and Tight Ends
2 p.m. – NFL Scouting Combine Press Conferences
7 p.m. – NFL Total Access from the Scouting Combine
Sunday, Feb. 24
11 a.m. – Workouts: Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, Running Backs
2 p.m. – NFL Scouting Combine Press Conferences
7 p.m. – NFL Total Access from the Scouting Combine
Monday, Feb. 25
11 a.m. – Workouts: Linebackers, Defensive Lineman
7 p.m. – NFL Total Access from the Scouting Combine
Tuesday, Feb. 26
11 a.m. – Workouts: Defensive Backs
Wednesday, Feb. 27
8 p.m. – 2007 NFL Scouting Combine Wrap-Up Show

Free Agency Begins February 29th

First of a couple very short posts here. A great resource for all things football and baseball is KFFL. Here’s a link to their page of all Free Agents and what’s going on with them, by team.

20 Feb / 7:55 am

Moose released

Not sure what the release of Muhsin Muhammed means to Chicago’s passing attack. It could mean that they’ve freed up money to re-sign Berrian before he hits the market on the 29th (Leap year!). Or it could mean they intend for both of their starting wideouts from last year to go elsewhere. That could portend good things for Devin Hester, who would slide into a starting role. It’s easy to discredit his skill as a receiver, but there’s no denying his playmaking ability. Also, the 3rd year is when the former kick return extraordinaire Steve Smith of the Panthers broke out. Then there’s Marty Booker who was cut by the Phins but has indicated interest in coming back to Chicago. That’s a statement not many want to make after 2007. Anyway, it will be interesting to see in the next few days what happens.

18 Feb / 10:00 am

Badlands Under Map Exploit

Looks like valve made the same mistake they did with Gravelpit and left some holes in the map that allow people to fall under the floor and build sentries. Here’s a vide from TF2 Exploit Blog that shows the exploit in it’s full glory. I would expect another team roomba video soon.

15 Feb / 6:26 pm

How many leagues is to many?

With CAL just opening their two TF2 leagues that will include a 8v8 and a 6v6 it just seems that we there are so many leagues out there. Now DJedi actively plays in TFL, and STA and was a participant in the CEVO tourney. But that is hardly scratching the surface. There is easily four or more leagues that a simple google search brings up, including ladders and other tourneys. So the question now becomes which one is the best? You would imagine the one that gives out cash prizes or requires a payment upfront would only bring the best out. But that isn’t to say that some good clans, don’t just want to play and not pay. Besides at least three or so of these major tourneys are giving out prizes. And this isn’t included the new basketball maps/leagues that seem to be starting up for people to play in their spare time.

Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining, but there is just so much action it really makes me wish I was a college freshman again with all the time in the world to make four matches a week, and practices two out of the other three days. But at least with so many leagues to pick from, every clan should have a suitable time finding one to play in that doesn’t conflict with their personal lives, that has to be a plus. I guess I am just curious to see how TF2 pans out in the future, with pro-gaming still growing, the sky might be the limit.

14 Feb / 1:30 pm

Doom Rickroller

DirtyDave sent me a super link about doom that rick rolled the hell out of me.

Apparently this is the Goatse of 2007 and I just got the memo.

13 Feb / 7:45 pm

Valve’s Valiant Valentine Victory

Not to be outdone by Beavotron and her awesome TF2 themed Valentine’s day Cards, Valve has decided to up the ante with a valentine gift wrapped up as an update to Team Fortress 2. There will be a multitude of updates, as displayed on their Steam News page.

Most of the changes are in the form of map updates. Updates to Dustbowl, Granary and CTF_Well are included, but most notably is the release of the highly anticipated new map, Badlands.

Valve also updated the sniper class slightly to disable getting a critical hit until 200ms after you zoom in.

SourceTV now uses a hidden slot on the game server. This allows for 24 player servers to also have a SourceTV proxy connected to it.

IGN also has a bit to say.

Tomorrow at 11 am PST all PC versions of Team Fortress 2, the class-based multiplayer action game named PC Game of the Year by, will receive its largest update since the product was first made available on October 10, 2007, as part of Valve’s best-selling Orange Box compilation.

That’s all folks, too bad most of us won’t be able to enjoy the updates until Friday.

12 Feb / 9:00 pm

TF2 Themed Valentines

Give that special someone a super valentines day card from one of the TF2 characters. Spotted these gorgeous cards while looking over some blog search results, a girl named Alexandria Neonakis, a graphics artist created these. I couldn’t help but mention that the photo on her website says Beavotron on it, wonder what that means.

10 Feb / 1:55 pm

Slingshot bowling

Thanks to WithLeather