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15 Feb / 6:26 pm

How many leagues is to many?

With CAL just opening their two TF2 leagues that will include a 8v8 and a 6v6 it just seems that we there are so many leagues out there. Now DJedi actively plays in TFL, and STA and was a participant in the CEVO tourney. But that is hardly scratching the surface. There is easily four or more leagues that a simple google search brings up, including ladders and other tourneys. So the question now becomes which one is the best? You would imagine the one that gives out cash prizes or requires a payment upfront would only bring the best out. But that isn’t to say that some good clans, don’t just want to play and not pay. Besides at least three or so of these major tourneys are giving out prizes. And this isn’t included the new basketball maps/leagues that seem to be starting up for people to play in their spare time.

Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining, but there is just so much action it really makes me wish I was a college freshman again with all the time in the world to make four matches a week, and practices two out of the other three days. But at least with so many leagues to pick from, every clan should have a suitable time finding one to play in that doesn’t conflict with their personal lives, that has to be a plus. I guess I am just curious to see how TF2 pans out in the future, with pro-gaming still growing, the sky might be the limit.