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08 Feb / 10:05 am

Mock Draft anyone?

If you’re wondering why a site with an innocuous name like WalterFootball is one of the top mock draft sites on the net, look no further than their Mock Draft Database. I’m sure they missed a couple, but this thing has all the mock drafts you could ever need and want. And this is before the combine! There’s never any telling about the draft until draft day (unless if you talk to Arc), but why not get to know your prospects early? It beats watching the NBA.


08 Feb / 9:42 am

Fan joins the Giants for a day

If you haven’t seen this all over sports blogs, apparently there was a guy on Tuesday who snuck into the press box at the Superbowl celebration parade in New York and then traveled as either part of the owner’s family or part of the team through the whole parade and stadium rally/celebration. Inside the locker room, 6 inches from Coughlin and the Lombardi, his hat autographed by the whole team, and he has the pictures to prove it. It almost makes me want to be a Giants fan. Check out the full story over at Deadspin.