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06 Feb / 7:30 pm

Crazy moops razer review

I am no stranger to Razer products being the proud owner of a Boomslang in the glory days of quakeworld teamfortress. But in fairness that baby took getting used to, but it was very nice. But now with me being active again, I had to get a microphone, so I rolled into Best Buy to see a selection of creepy headsets that I can talk to the foreign friends I don’t have via skype, or I could fire up stickam and talk to some other strangers I don’t know. But nothing they had would help out gaming adventure, until I turned around and saw a bunch of Razer products. Being like a long lost friend I ran across the aisle and embraced my former friend only to realize that his life has changed, more accurate, better feel, and doesn’t have that weird boomslang feel that took getting used to. So the Razer Death Adder jumped into my hands, and I didn’t even go to the store for a mouse, but in all seriousness, fuck that Microsoft Explorer intellisense with bonus moop sucks features that were not labeled on the box. Anyway back to the matter at hand, I also saw a Razer Piranha on sale for $60, and figured why the fuck not Razer makes great products.

Got my new toys back home and cracked them open. Everything worked with no effort, with the sole exception of when I wired the microphone jack to the motherboard I did not wire it to the front port, so I spent twenty minutes yelling “Bingo Bongo” to Lunk on Ventrilo before he convinced me to switch it, I rated his support a 4.59 out of 5 stars. The headphones are great, amazing sound, and the mic works well. I did see some reviews were people were complaining that they had to yell to get it to work on Vent, but I had no problems. I did enable the Microphone Boost option or whatever it is called, and it is perfect. As for the Razer Death Adder, I don’t know how I lived with out one. In fact it is so sensitive that it takes getting used to, compared to the stupid Explorer that I had. Both of these guys get two moops up, just wish I was good enough to get these guys for free, but I don’t think Razer even gives them out to the good people, I think its just the good people use them. And even bums like myself can have a hot ass mouse/headphone combo. Seriously people, the Death Adder is money.

Razer PiranhaDeath Adder
06 Feb / 4:20 pm

Beware Of Pedobear