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05 Feb / 6:45 pm

NFL 2008’s Best Rookie WR

Over the course of the new few months during the long NFL offseason, and during the even longer fantasy football offseason, I am going to search for the best rookie WR to draft in fantasy leagues. But before anything, we have to judge whether or not it’s even worthwhile.

Thanks to an intrepid blogger at FootballDocs for the stats on players through 2004, my job has been easier. I have followed his patterns and listed rookie WR’s with over 700 yards receiving, starting from 1998. No rookie wide receiver went over 700 yards in 2005.

There are a lot of stats here, so I’ve put them after the jump.

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05 Feb / 4:20 pm

CTF_BBALL2 Released


Spotted over on The Catacombs forums, spike from Resurrection has released a second version of his insanely fun and amazingly simple basketball map.

Changes to the map include…

things i changed
-removed the spawn behind each team’s baseline.
–this means the flag wont drop if you hold it and walk behind your baseline
–and now you can pick up a dropped flag behind your baseline
–and you cant switch classes there anymore. so you have to die to change classes
-fixed capping from the underneath/side of the basket.
-made the area a players must touch on top of the basket smaller.
-changed the signs on each side and fixed some shadows.

things i can’t/won’t do:
-make the flag look like a basketball
-make the backboard unstickyable
-enforce class restrictions through the map
-make it so you cant walk on the fence line
-make the annoying lady’s voice (’the enemy has your intelligence!!’) go away
-add scenery. someone else can do this if they want some different styles. i kept this map as simple and fast (to render) as possible
-add spawn rooms

05 Feb / 3:45 pm

Team Fortress 2 on Ubuntu Linux


I have been a huge Linux fan and exclusive user since 2000 due to the large sucking sound emanating from Redmond. Well TF2 came out, I got a new PC, I had to run windows. Have been with DJedi since before drawing a line in the sand I swore, that if TF2 every became anything more than vapor-wear, I would run windows to make it happen. The reward for throwing my morals to the wind was I finally got to play with my long time friends again.

Alas! I may still be able to salvage my soul from the bowels of Microsoft and still be able to enjoy quality online games with my friends. I ran across an article that shows Howto run Team Fortress 2 on Ubuntu Linux.

Who says you can’t play games on Linux? Of course you can! Well… not all of them, but at least some of the nicer ones, such as Half-Life 2, Counter Strike or Unreal Tournament. Today’s guide will teach you, step-by-step,

05 Feb / 12:13 pm

Has she already started nagging about the 14th?

Yes? Then send her this e-card on Valentine’s Day.