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04 Feb / 10:50 pm

Pats Superbowl 36 ring for sale on eBay.

Thanks to a reader at for this one.

This is from the Superbowl that the Pats won against the Rams where the alleged walkthrough videotape occurred.

$125,000 Buy it Now!

Any coincidence on the timing? Naaahhhhhh… couldn’t be.

04 Feb / 4:20 pm

Troll Attack


  • Step 1: Tie up Hot Girl
  • Step 2: ?
  • Step 3: Profit!
04 Feb / 2:30 pm

Stingray`D5 Demoman Match Highlights

StingraY from REV6 and the notorious internet mafia blackmailing incident, contacted me about showcasing the highlight video he has completed. I readily agreed, as this shows some wonderful demoman match moments. I have included StingraY’s comments below.

Full Size Video

Here is a video I’ve made from the last few clan matches I’ve had. Since everyone and their mother goes with metal or rock; I decided to do something a little different for the demoman video. I had to learn Priemere while making this, so it is pretty clean cut and without any crazy zooms. I hope you enjoy the video and contact me with your thoughts. All my contact information is at the end of the video.


04 Feb / 10:30 am

18-1 = FAIL

04 Feb / 12:08 am

Eagles Fans Everywhere say…

At least it wasn’t the Cowboys.

And I for one will be hoping Steve Spagnuolo gets hired by Dan Snyder to coach the Redskins. I don’t want to watch the Eagles play that defense twice next year. But wait… we play the Redskins twice. Fuck.

And by the way, not many people mentioned it, but that loss of Stephen Neal is one of the main reason the Giants got all that 2nd half pressure up the gut. Any other Patriots game you watch, Brady has time to step up into the pocket and avoid the outside rush. He didn’t have that pocket and I think that more than anything was the difference. It wasn’t the injury I had been hoping for, but one is better than none. (Yes, Eagles fans are terrible).