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02 Feb / 4:20 pm

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02 Feb / 12:51 pm

Pats stole the Rams Offensive Gameplan in 2002 SB.

6 years ago to the day the Pats beat a more talented Rams team by cheating. The Boston Herald is citing an unnamed source, but we all know that guy’s name is Matt Walsh. You can find the story here. Matt Walsh is a former Patriots employee who worked in the video department. He stayed at the field after the Pats had left and filmed the entire offensive walkthrough of the Rams. The next day in the game the Pats shut down the Rams in the first half, moving to a 14-3 lead. Ty Law had a pick-six in the first half. “The Greatest Show on Turf” was completely shut down. After second half adjustments the Rams came back to tie the game at 17, only to watch Vinatieri kick a game winner.

I’m not sure if this reeks to you as much as it does to me, but being an Eagles fan I watched my team in SB 39 lose to a Pats team that on many occasions looked overmatched. We’re not just talking about defensive signals now, we’re talking about entire offensive gameplans. Is it any wonder Belichick seems a master of defense?

Anyway, here’s what will happen. Matt Walsh will be discredited, all people that write, speak, talk, blog about this will be called whiners or sore losers. The NFL has already destroyed evidence and yesterday NFL Commish Roger Goodell said the evidence had no impact on the outcome of the Superbowls. In other words, “it’s way too much of a headache to think about stripping the Pats’ titles.” So the commish is already on the other side of the fence. Plus the NFL has revenue sharing, so if the NFL does poorly because of a franchise in Boston, so do the owners of the other 31 franchises. Not to mention one of the teams cheated, the Rams, recently had its owner pass away. It’s a shame Georgia Frontiere didn’t get to see the Lombardi she deserved for 2002, but now that she’s gone I doubt there will be any pressure coming from the Midwest on this issue. A congressional hearing could be called, but there’s no way it gets near the MLB level.  The NFL pays off the right people, and everything gets silenced with the next new big stories of the offseason: Free agency and the draft.  By 2008 we’re back to rooting on our teams in the sport we love. We will just feel a lot more dirty about it.