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25 Jan / 4:18 pm

Star Wars: Force Unleashed

A friend of mine sent me a really sweet trailer for the upcoming Star Wars game where you start as an apprentice to a dark lord and learn the powers of the dark side. See what it took to bring this game from a concept and a collection of technologies into a single cohesive game. Some of the in game shots are simply incredible, check it out for yourself.

25 Jan / 9:33 am

Team Fortress 2 – Dustbowl Stage 3 Glitch

Looks like players have once again done something Valve could never have predicted. I expect a fix for Dustbowl to be out in one of the upcoming patches.


Unusual place for a Sentry Gun.


As demonstrated at the end, although the window framing does seem solid, the windows themselves appear to be completely without physics.

24 Jan / 5:16 pm

2Fort Sniper Griefing

A guy named merhorse posted this wonderful video today. I would like to thank him for sharing griefing ideas for maps outside of Hydro and Dustbowl. Enjoy.

24 Jan / 11:57 am

CTF_Well Official Map To Be Released

Read over at the PC Gamer blog today that yet another new map is in the pipeline for Team Fortress 2 fans. Valve has reworked CP_Well to make it a CTF map with only a few minor tweaks to the inside of the bases.

QWTF: Well6

Their tentative due date is tomorrow – Thursday the 23rd of Jan – but it may slip till next week. It’s Well, stripped of its control points, restructured slightly, and transformed into a Capture-The-Intelligence map. Also: it’s great.

Knowing that Valve operates on it’s own time line, waiting until it’s finished, I wouldn’t expect to see the map for the next few months.

According to Tom Francis on the PC Gamer blog this latest map will not be included in the upcoming Badlands and Goldrush map releases.

This isn’t one of the two maps that are coming – they’re Goldrush and Badlands, as discussed in the last post. But this should appease some of the hordes angry that Badlands has come over all control-pointy.

Finally Valve is listening to the cries from the community for more CTF style maps. Hopefully this will just be the first in a long series of capture the intelligence/flag maps we can expect in the up coming weeks.


Apparently Shacknews also has an article up talking about the new map too.

23 Jan / 10:25 am

TF2 Major Medic Changes Unveiled

Tendril posted a Joystiq link to our IRC channel this morning that broke some of the clouds surrounding the new “major gameplay changes” to TF2. It looks like some guys from PC Gamer Blog were at Valve’s headquarters getting the latest scoop. I think they were surprised by what was in store for them when Valve revealed some of the upcoming changes to TF2.


But the biggest news is this ‘large-scale modification’ Valve teased us about a few weeks back. It’s even larger scale than I’d thought.

Starting with just two new items for the Medic, Valve are going to be gradually rolling out new, unlockable weapons for every class. These will be alternative versions of their current loadouts that, once unlocked by earning a certain number of achievements, you can pick and choose from on a new ‘Loadout’ menu.

Joystiq sheds a little more light onto the situation.

The first earned weapons is the Overhealer. Unlocked by earning 35 achievements, the “gun” can permanently raise an ally’s health to 200% (the current medic tool temporarily boosts health to 150%). Citing balance concerns, Valve said they may remove the invulnerability-granting Ubercharge from the Overhealer.

Both articles also mention a new gameplay type, Goldrush, to go along with a brand new map to be released at the same time as Badlands. Sounds kinda like spazball, but with a track and only two teams. PC Gamer Blog gives the following description,

One team must escort a small mining cart through a series of Dustbowl-like map segments. The cart moves faster the more Blue players are near it, but stops entirely if even one Red player is in range. Blue have to escort the cart all the way to Red’s headquarters within a certain timelimit.

Valve has stated in previous articles that they plan to have these new changes out in the next two months. So sometime in the next 6 months we may see these changes.

22 Jan / 3:51 pm

Valve’s Imminent Destruction Approaches: Exibition Game Developers vs. 20ID/ex

Image Courtesy of

The clans that played in the finals of The Roughneck TGL tournament are set to team up in a face off against 12 developers from Valve who helped create the game. Besides the video cards and cash prizes that the members of each team received,

they also won the extremely rare opportunity to play the talented developers of the game they all love to compete in! Pre-match coverage begins on Sunday, January 27th at 8:00 PM Eastern on with two members of the TF2 dev team joining the match announcers for a live shoutcasted Q&A session.

Good luck Valve, you’re going to need it against these two top notch clans.

17 Jan / 11:25 am

TF2 New Content, New Maps, Medic Acheivements Finally?

Apparently the rumors of new content may have some merit as there have been articles popping up all over the past few days about it. One of the biggest complaints is the lack of official Valve maps, after several attempts to communicate with the company, Robin Walker finally responded to Shacknews.

One of the new arenas is a remake of Team Fortress Classic’s Badlands map, with an emphasis on more vertically-oriented gameplay due to the presence of control points on towering spires.

“Our estimate is that both these maps should be out within the next 2 months,” Valve employee Robin Walker told Shacknews. “We expect to ship other new content before that.”

New maps are in the works, awesome! Shacknews also has a Badlands Preview followup article with the impressions of two guys from ‘The Shack’ who went to Valve to check out the remake and also the conversion from a CTF map to a Control Point map.


Further down the article though there are mentions of MAJOR GAMEPLAY SHIFTS. No freakin’ clue what that means exactly, but it looks like they’re first going to start with the medic to introduce a slew of new achievements and something to change the ‘core gameplay’.

That other content includes the forthcoming Medic achievement pack, which will add several new achievements for the Medic as well as a significant gameplay tweak for the class.

“It’s a large scale modification to the core of the game,” Walker hinted. “It’ll debut in a limited fashion through the Medic first, but it’ll be affecting all classes eventually.”

“We’re really looking forward to the community reaction,” he continued. “We’re really excited about where TF2 will be going over the next year.”

Honestly I’m not so sure what to think about this. Guess we don’t have a choice other than to try it and see.

Arstechnica has their spin on these developments too, even making a mention of the lack of grenades!

With or without grenades, Team Fortress 2 is still an extremely fun multiplayer shooter. The title, which was one of the many fine ingredients of Valve’s epic Orange Box, has been the subject of much discussion since its release, with fans taking sides on the new interpretation of an age-old FPS classic. Valve has been listening to the squabbles, and some rebalancing of the game is imminent: an upcoming patch will begin what Valve says will be “a large scale modification to the core of the game,” while sneaking in some new achievements and maps as well.
(it showed up in a search I promise) has a little blurb about the upcoming changes too.

Orange Box continues to have positive repercussions for Valve and their properties, with the PC version of the included Team Fortress 2. Valve has called the rebalancing “a large scale modification to the core of the game.”

17 Jan / 10:13 am

TF2 Sentry Gun Case Mod

Having finally fought off my sickness I was hunting through what’s happening in TF2 land the past few days. Not a whole lot really except this case mod being heralded across the internet.

Check out the video for yourself. You can also view some photo’s from the construction phase.

[youtube:] had this first, again.

15 Jan / 12:33 pm

Im Back!

Well, Im back finally. I just finished a whirlwind journey from California to New Hampshire to New York to Vermont to Massachusetts to Maine to New Hampshire to Oakland to San Fran and then to good old Humboldt. The highlight was during the NH primary at a Democratic rally seeing a good old boy with a sign that said “iron my shirt”. He busted that out when Hillary walked by. Pretty funny. Anyways, looking forward to playing fatass again. See you out there.

14 Jan / 6:28 pm

Robin Walker Responds: Watching Old TF2 Demos

I was starting to think that a response would never come to the e-mail I sent to Robin Walker last week regarding old demos. Redrum messaged me this afternoon,

15:23:24 RedRum> hi lunk
15:23:34 RedRum> anyword from robin? just curious
15:34:50 lunk[DJedi]> no word at all

Well Valve must have been sniffing the internet or their 6th sense was acting up again because a little less than two hours later I get this response.


Hi Daniel.
The bad news is that watching older demos isn’t an easy thing to do. The
good news is that we’ve ironed out the bugs in the networking now, so we
expect it to settle down and stop invalidating demos. Long term, we’d
like to create a much better system for this that will allow you to
record demos that remain viewable irrespective of the engine.

I get the feeling this has already been placed on the furthest back burner of the Valve crew’s work queue. I have faith that eventually the community will receive a little utility for either converting or viewing old demos and that it will arrive in the upcoming months. Hopefully it will happen, but we just be out of luck. :(

Sorry Redrum, but I don’t think those great matches will be available to enjoy outside of the present when those matches were new.