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Egad Pit’s Soldier Boy

Heh, i’m not a fan of this song at all, but I knew someone would do this at some point. Good work on the video Egad Pit.

This time I got a lot of help from my friend and producer, Heavy B, so you’ll definitely hear and see a huge difference in the audio and video. Also, big ups to Soulja Boy on the original. Finally, thanks to WeGame for hosting my videos!

31 Jan / 12:33 pm

STA Playoffs: DJedi over Sandawgs

Tuesday night we faced off against Sandawgs on cp_granary for the first round of the STA Silver TF2 playoffs. They had some members with a bad routing hop pinging between 200 and 600 to our server so we agreed to play both rounds away on the Sandawg server located in Chicago.

Round 1

Round 1 started promptly at 9:30 sharp, an unheard of event in online gaming, and both teams raced to the middle battlegrounds. With an impressive display of heavy classes |SD| rushed out of the right side and started pounding us. With our soldiers high we were able to keep them running for cover and after exchanging a few kills we were in position and captured the middle point. This round was full of extended back and forth battles with each clan capturing in the opening minutes to make the score 1-1. Little did we know, the 3rd score would be one of the longest granary rounds we have played in competition and would be the deciding factor of the match. After 20 minutes of back and forth fury DJedi executed what we had been working on since Sunday and pushed in with a coordinated double uber attack to overwhelm the 4th control point and ultimately seal the victory for Round 1. DJedi over SD 3-1

Hein had an interesting observation,

Their rush to the middle was good, but they never ever stood on the middle point.
I found that odd
So i’d just juke and dodge while on the point and keep capping it and then we’d rush forward and get the next.

Round 2 began after a brief break. Thank you Retro for riding the pine for two Rounds, you deserve to play with how much time you put in to the team. We made no lineup changes for the 2nd round and stuck with our starting lineup throughout the entire match.

Round 2

The 2nd Round was almost identical to the first, with |SD| and DJedi tying it up at 1-1 and then pushing back and forth for control of the middle. |SD| continued to push from the same side the entire match and we exploited this while still expecting them to switch up their attack. In the end we were able to close out the 2nd round with the exact same score but with a bit more confidence in the later rounds considering we had clenched the victory already. Round 2, DJedi over SD 3-1

Final, DJedi over |SD|, 6-2
Great game |SD| and we look forward to clashing with you in the future.