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28 Jan / 5:16 pm

Alpha Mod: Grenades in TF2

Saw a thread over on The Catacombs talking about an Alpha Mod that is attempting to reintroduce grenades into TF2 through a custom mod. It looks like the people on youtube who saw the video posted just didn’t get it and had some classic moronic commentary to add to the video, here are some highlights.

SebOS2010 (1 day ago)
You guys to need some professional help, if your thinking of murdering someone over a mod thats only going to be used on 2 servers.

Track14 (1 day ago)
as long as your mod doesn’t infect other servers, IT’S FINE, but if you release it to the general public that is where you are crossing the line.

Adamido (1 day ago)
If public wants it all you can do is STFU.

28 Jan / 5:03 pm

Team Fortress 2 Achievements Anyone Can Get

Something Awful has a wondrous article up outlining achievements that should be in TF2 presented in the format normally reserved for the Photoshop Phriday goons.


28 Jan / 3:30 pm

TFL: DJedi Holds Strong vs Realm of Chaos

Round 1
DJedi over RoC 9-1

This match started off not so well with neither DJedi or RoC able to field 8 members. We agreed to play 6’s on the same map, Stronghold_b5, with the same standard TFL class restrictions. The first round we started off with 3 d and 3 o and proceeded to pull out a quick capture. Our defense only allowed our flag to inch forward a little bit at a time, but with such a wide open map and with so few people on each team it was tough to stop them from getting touches.

Round 2
DJedi over RoC 9-1

The 2nd round we got called fags by [RoC]Stiffy for camping the spawn. I’m pretty sure operation Ryan Seacrest was in effect since Rental made an appearance in the lineup. Needless to say, this guy dropped and then prompted to ban Lunk, who played defense the entire match, from their channel, #roc on 5 Days Later, I’m still banned from their channel. In a match where we were already 2 guys down, to drop, is completely without class. Enough said. DJedi over RoC 9-1

Final Scores, 9-1,9-1, DJedi over Roc 18-2

28 Jan / 2:45 pm

Antec 900 Review

I have been keeping track of some overclocking adventures on personal blog and just wanted to share some of the results that I was able to get with the addition of the Antec 900 gaming case.


Over the weekend I rebuilt my computer into the Antec 900 case. The parts arrived on Tuesday but with work and TF2 matches I couldn’t risk being down during the middle of the week. This case is a definite improvement in cooling over the Sonata III that I originally purchased for my system.

When I initially was putting this system together I didn’t expect to do any overclocking. The hardware was already pretty fast and would play any games out now and rocked my primary concern of Team Fortress 2 without breaking a sweat. Then I tried overclocking just to see what performance gain I could achieve and was pleasantly surprised that I could take the processor to 3.6GHZ on stock cooling.

Sorry for the cross post, but copy & paste is too easy and I really think other gamers can benefit from this case.

28 Jan / 11:26 am

Rambo Learned Everything He Knows From TF2

After studying for many years Rambo was finally able to take all the knowledge gained in Team Fortress 2 and apply it to kicking ass and taking names.