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25 Jan / 4:18 pm

Star Wars: Force Unleashed

A friend of mine sent me a really sweet trailer for the upcoming Star Wars game where you start as an apprentice to a dark lord and learn the powers of the dark side. See what it took to bring this game from a concept and a collection of technologies into a single cohesive game. Some of the in game shots are simply incredible, check it out for yourself.

25 Jan / 9:33 am

Team Fortress 2 – Dustbowl Stage 3 Glitch

Looks like players have once again done something Valve could never have predicted. I expect a fix for Dustbowl to be out in one of the upcoming patches.


Unusual place for a Sentry Gun.


As demonstrated at the end, although the window framing does seem solid, the windows themselves appear to be completely without physics.