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10 Jan / 2:25 pm

TF2 Howto Play Demoman

Saw this video over at VideoSift, a pretty neat website, similar to Digg, but for videos. Not much to say about this other than it shows some of the basic and more advanced techniques to playing Demoman in TF2.

Looks like he also takes out the guy who created the Spy and Pyro howto videos.

A guy named medeepblue created the video and provides this description on the youtube link.

This is a video I made to help people beginning to play demoman in Team Fortress 2. I hope it helps people ^^.
This is made with the PC version, but it all apllies to the 360 too, naturally.
Oh, and sorry for the weird Technique s- text,
but I somehow couldn’t get that right.

Fun fact: At about 1:45, the guy I’m killing is Daedalus, who made two other How To Play TF2 videos: Spy and Pyro.

10 Jan / 10:58 am

Wireframe Wall Hack Built Into Team Fortress 2

Occlusion Tool

Someone named Antti found a hack built directly into the TF2 engine that allows you to wall hack and see wireframe outlines of the items you can’t see on the screen by using the included “Occlusion Tool”. Wikipedia has a good definition of what Occlusion is.

In computer graphics, the term is used to describe the manner in which an object closer to the viewport masks (or occludes) an object further away from the viewport. In the graphics pipeline, a form of occlusion culling is used to remove hidden surfaces before shading and rasterizing take place.

According to the poster, currently, you won’t get banned by using this exploit on VaC servers. With the flurry of hacks released recently I really hope valve does something to curb the usage of these cheats.

10 Jan / 10:15 am

Scout Trick Jumps

This video was posted to youtube recently and shows some killer scout jumps on all of the official maps released by Valve. I’m a horrible scout and probably couldn’t pull off half of those moves.

T6 PanFrie }svny{|DF| Jumping around on all the stock maps (except for hydro… cause it suck), showing faster ways to get places, and just different ways around the maps in general


Oops, after posting this I realized that already has an article about the same thing up. You’re too fast madlep!

10 Jan / 10:09 am

TF2 Social Greifing

Hahaha, this hilarious video shows how easy it is to troll for idiots on the internet. I can’t even write a description I’m laughing so hard.