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09 Jan / 2:04 pm

Dust Skywalker

Found this while trolling for the latest TF2 news. Looks like it’s fairly easy to exploit cp_dustbowl to allow players to walk on the models that make up the sky. This must drive level designers nuts. Looks like it’s very easy to do with a soldier or a demo man. Thanks to the guys over at Team Fortress Guides for finding this.

A new approch to an old exploit: How-to get above Dustbowl and skywalk there as Soldier using Rocketjumps (or Demoman using Stickyjumps). Video by the brilliant producer FunnyFaceDrinker.

09 Jan / 11:10 am

STA: DJedi over Ministry of Pain

Round 1 – D

Last evening we squared off against our long time friends, Ministry of Pain. Playing against ]MP[ in an official match brought back great memories of last century and the epic battles we played in Quakeworld Team Fortress. STA was around back then too which made this event that much more nostalgic.

Round 2 - O

For the 2nd match in a row we were scrambling for people. Comcast still hasn't shown up at Slingshot's new house to hook up the internet. Hein's computer was thrashed by a tornado producing storm in the mid west. Infinite's still on the east coast with a super laptop that gets negative frames per second. theSpawn, fell asleep before his 3rd shift, niko and Speedy have been completely missing since the holidays. Luckily we recruited Pure this week and after talking with ]MP[ they allowed him to play without any problems, thanks guys.

Round 3 - O

Fenris, having completely ditched WoW, was required to fill out our 8th spot. In the confusion we realized he didn't have a mic, so we made him engineer and showed him where to position the gun to defend for the start of round 1. For the 1st half we played D, Akira and Pure played medic while Tendril and Lunk played soldier and Polar ran heavy. This left team Destruction Monster, Rental and Retro to run around as demomen. We were able to stop ]MP[ in their tracks and hold them off at B until time expired.

Round 4 - D

For Offense we considered switching Polar from heavy to soldier, but he stayed put. Fenris abandoned engineer to play soldier. Without a mic he was kind of running blindly around the map, killing everything in sight. Our two demomen switched to faster classes in scout and spy and proceeded to capture A uncontested. Our primary attack was focused on B and we ubered in to clear the fortifications setup by ]MP[. They were running two engineers, but neither of them were able to get a gun up during setup and we attacked as many people on the ground floor as possible. We jumped up and took out the D on the roof to capture B. Meanwhile we already had our Spy at C to begin capping the last point. ]MP[ cleared the point and we pushed in to attack the last point. After getting within half a second of capturing the point, Lunk RJ'd up from the top of A entrance dropping a few rockets on to the heads of the defenders to capture C.

Rounds 3 and 4 were similar to the first two. DJedi holding out at B on defense and capping out on O. As always, it's good to play with such longtime friends. Great games MP, look forward to our next encounter.

MVP goes to fenris, who showed up with at least a month of rust and still was able to be the MVP of round 2. Without him we would have had to play down a man. Akira should also get an honorable mention for being in the MVP list on all 4 screenshots.

Round 1: 2-0 DJedi
Round 2: 2-0 DJedi
Final Score: DJedi over ]MP[ 4-0