08 Dec / 2:50 pm

Valve Releases Team Fortress 2 Gameplay Data

Shacknews has a post discussing TF2 gameplay data released by Valve recently.

At Valve, we’re always striving to make our products better. We’ve traditionally relied on things like written feedback from players to help decide which improvements to focus on. More recently, Steam has allowed us to collect more information than was previously possible. TF2 includes a reporting mechanism which tells us details about how people are playing the game. We’re sharing the data we collect because we think people will find it interesting, and because we expect to spot emergent problems earlier, and ultimately build better products and experiences as a result. Let us know what you think.

I think the coolest thing by far are the death maps that correlate data between deaths and location of the map with all of the offically released Valve maps.


According to this graph, medics by far get the most assists out of all classes.


However, the medic is played the least out of all classes. The medic is the MOST important member of any team and should be played alot, if they can stay alive.


This graph shows that medics live the least amount of time. Medics are the target of almost every member of the opposite team, making it very difficult to encourage people to play medic.


Shacknews elaborates a bit more.

Tracked stats include time played per class, points earned per class, damage dealt per weapon, total time played, and much more. There are also color-coded top-down views of maps indicating where players died most frequently.

Close combat weapons, particularly the bonesaw, achieve critical hits most often; the rocket launcher deals nearly a quarter of all damage done;

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