07 Dec / 2:05 pm

TFL Match Results: DJedi vs ABLE


In a very heated match, ABLE fought an epic battle against us on cp_well last night. Twice we almost captured ABLE’s back point in the 1st round, only to be driven all the way back to our last point. Whatever we were doing wasn’t working well and they kept the momentum once they got it. The first round ended with ABLE 3 vs DJedi 1.

DJedi made some halftime adjustments, bringing in Tendril to scout with Rental. We also switched out Retro as demoman who was replaced by Infinite who played heavy. These changes worked well for us as we held them off and persevered for the win in the 2nd round. Please send me a screenshot for the 2nd round if you have one. I think my demo cut off or changed to a different file, will check tonight. 2nd Round Score, DJedi 3 vs ABLE 1


This created an overall tie for the match and we went into overtime to determine the winner. The momentum switched back to [ABLE] and they were able to capture and hold the middle during overtime to clench the victory. Can Rental and his one pipe hold everyone off by himself? With a medic and soldier down around him and a sniper off to his left (not in shot), he doesn’t stand a chance.

That’s how it ended, in OT, with ABLE controlling the middle point for the win. Great, game ABLE, we look forward to playing you in the future.

Final Score, 1-3, 3-1, 0-1. ABLE over DJedi 5-4(OT)

Download demos from my POV.

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  1. Ro1 Says:

    im on the bottom SS :D

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