17 Dec / 1:34 pm

TF2 Wins Primotech Game Honors

Primo Technology has posted their Game Of The Year Awards and once again, Orange Box and TF2 are receiving the recognition they deserve.

Orange Box took home the honors of best shooter. Among the many reasons that this collection of games is awesome was the inclusion of Peggle as part of the shooter category. Upon thinking about it, their perspective is not flawed and I agree with them.

Team Fortress 2 deservedly walked away with the Best Multiplayer Experience award beating out Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Halo 3, and Rock Band.


In a year filled with some of the best shooters gamers have ever experienced across virtually every platform, Team Fortress 2 distinguishes itself from the rest of the twitchy, frothy, and even sometimes excellently-developed herd. Even if its brilliant art direction, sadistic sense of humor, and generally excellent core engine features were stripped from gamers’ minds, TF2 would still be a monumental success with multiplayer gamers.


Episode 2 brings everything you would expect and more to the Half-Life series, and does so in a very stylistic fashion. Blending superb storytelling with heart-pounding action, Episode 2 takes the franchise to the next level. Portal, with it’s innovative features and hilarious narrative, show players where the future of puzzle games lie.

And what better way to blow off some steam at the end of a long hard day than to fire up Team Fortress 2?

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