29 Dec / 7:33 pm

TF2 Medic Acheivements Leaked

Saw this over at Quate.net Not sure how valid any of it is, but it seems reasonable.


Achievement Details
(One is missing from the list?)
Medic Assist Capturer
Medic Assist Demoman
Medic Assist Heavy
Medic Assist Heavy “Long”
Medic Assist Medic
Medic Assist Pyro
Medic Assist Soldier
Medic Assist versus Nemeses
Medic Bonesaw Medics
Medic Bonesaw No Misses
Medic Bonesaw Spy Callers
Medic Charge Blocker
Medic Charge Friends
Medic Charge Juggle
Medic Counter Charge
Medic Extinguish Teammates
Medic Heal Achiever
Medic Heal Callers
Medic Freezecam Ragdoll
Medic Heal Engineer
Medic Heal Grind
Medic Heal Huge
Medic Heal Large
Medic Heal Under Fire
Medic Invite Join Charge
Medic Kill Healed Spy
Medic Kill While Charged
Medic Rapid Charge
Medic Save Falling Teammate
Medic Save Teammate
Medic Setup Charge
Medic Simulate Charge
Medic Switch to Medic
Medic Syringe Scouts
Medic Top Scoreboard

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  1. Dude Says:

    This is NOT a leak… I saw these while in hammer editor making a map. VALVe made the materials for them before they released them… Plus three of em were missing, when VALVe decided to add the milestone achievement icons… this is not a leak and thus you are providing false info. Also, even with the icons all you can do is infer! you never really knew what u needed to do to get them did you? not until they were released! so this is not a leak, this is just the icons with VERY minor explainations as to what the achievements MIGHT be