06 Dec / 3:58 pm

TF2 Easter Eggs

I was playing on a server the other evening and was wondering why all the players had on hats and gibs were turning into presents instead of the usual bloody pulp from killing a foe. Looks like someone has figured out how to play with the TF2 Easter Eggs on when it’s not Aug 24th or Dec 22, two important dates in Team Fortress.

From the developer Wiki:

This is activated on the birthday of the original Team Fortress, which is either August 24, when the Team Fortress was released as a Quake total conversion, or December 22, when the game was released standalone on the QuakeWorld 2.0 engine. All players wear birthday hats, all gibs turn into birthday presents and any time you hit someone with a weapon, balloons slowly float away out of them.




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  1. Akira[DJedi] Says:

    You’ve never been to a server with that? I’ve played many hours on one of these servers. One with fast respawn, all crits and other modifications. Fun times! I wasn’t aware that it was an Easter Egg built into TF2, very interesting.