16 Nov / 10:11 am

TF2 Classes Replaced by Anime Characters

Stumbled upon a page this morning that ponders the question, what if all the classes in TF2 were replaced by female anime characters? This is the imagehe chose for sniper, looks kinda like a man, man.

Anime Sniper

I haven’t been much of a gamer since 2-3 years ago, but recently I’ve been playing Team Fortress 2 a lot and it’s really fun. Discussing it on the animeblogging channel, we realised that while the character models for TF2 are quite cool, it can be made better by using females. And while we’re at it, might as well use female anime characters?

So here are my suggestions for who should be what in TF2. It did occur to me that I can just plonk the cast of Coyote Ragtime Show down.. but let’s not do that. Too easy then.

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