20 Dec / 8:11 pm

Team Fortress 2/Source Engine Update Released

Valve has released an update to TF2 and it’s latest version of the source engine. Here are some of the more notable changes.

  • Prevented players from playing the “civilian” class
  • The Medic’s Medigun now charges at an increased rate during Setup time, to remove the need for self-damage grinding
  • Fixed exploit where the Medigun UberCharge wouldn’t drain if you switched weapons

There have also been some specific changes to Dustbowl, including the removal of the ability to fire through the grates.

  • Prevented Demomen being able to launch grenades into the stage three alleys while standing at the final cap point
  • Fixed gaps in stage gates that allowed snipers to kill defenders during setup
  • Fixed several model and brush perch exploits in stage three
  • Added stair access to the upper area in stage three after the first cap

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