12 Dec / 4:51 pm

Team Fortress 2 Updates from Valve, New Maps!

I found a forum post that has an e-mail quoted from Kerry Davis a software engineer over at Valve Software. Apparently a guy named Shamrock sent an e-mail to the 360 development group at Valve reguarding TF2 and got a suprising response. It looks like the patch has already been completed, contains NEW maps and has already been sent to Microsoft for certification.

GGL has a post up with an excerpt of the new downloadable content that is on the way.

Primarily, the patch will improve bandwidth usage, fix several exploits and improve statistics reporting. The big news is that the patch will also include some new maps.

From Shamrock:


So valve doesn't do a very good job keeping the 360 community updated on the steam forums about patches or maps coming etc... so I shot a email over to Gabe Newell asking him if he took my Orange box money and skipped town on my ass.

Valve’s Response

Hello Shamrock,

I am part of the Xbox 360 development team here at Valve, so Gabe
forwarded your message to me. I’m very sorry to hear that you feel we
have “skipped town” and deserted our customers on the 360 – I personally
visit several Orange Box forums and try to post when I have time, but
it’s clear from your experience that we aren’t reaching enough of the
community. That said, I’d be happy to answer your questions here.

We do have a new update coming out – in fact, it’s going to Microsoft
for certification today. There’s about a 10-14 day certification time,
so you should be seeing it before Christmas. The update fixes several
game-play exploits, improves bandwidth usage, improves stats reporting,
and fixes some menu bugs. Most of the fixes that are in this update are
in response to forum posts from both the PC and 360, and from direct
in-game feedback from players. (Yes, we actually have several people who
regularly play TF2 on the 360 and collect feedback from the players.
It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.)

We are currently working on new maps, and we are planning to release
them as downloadable content for the 360. I don’t know what the
schedule will be for that – new maps will likely be released
individually on the PC as they’re ready, and then we’ll offer them as a
single pack on the 360. We’re currently testing a new map that’s
extremely fun, and we can’t wait for our customers to try it out.

We are always interested in what the community has to say, and will
continue to support TF2 on all platforms. I personally work with the
360 version on a daily basis, and will continue to do so until we feel
that the product is the best it can be.


Kerry Davis
Software Engineer

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