12 Dec / 10:32 am

STA TF2 Results Darwin Award Winners vs. DJedi

Last night we went up against Darwin Award Winners, clan tag (x_x), on the majorly crappy revision of cp_granary. Seriously valve needs to fix this map for competitive play instead of public server play.


That aside, back to the agenda at hand, around 9:25pm we realized that we only had 7 players to field and had to make some phone calls to get people online. Special super duper thanks goes out to Rental’s fiancĂ© for allowing him to play since we desperately needed his Scout talent.


We started off the round with an all scout rush in an attempt to complete super secret classified, but now released to the public, Operation X16 strategy. Sadly Retro had forgotten to record a demo and stopped short of the middle cap point and we were only to deploy operation X14. He has been flogged repeatedly for dragging down the team. We scout rushed 3 times in a row to win the round. Score 3-0 DJedi.


The 2nd round we played our more usual classes, with some people playing things they don’t normally play in matches. I was a medic for the 2nd time in match play and for the 1st time I didn’t get completely destroyed! Though it wasn’t pretty, I still managed to make it to the last point of the match and help us win the 2nd round. Score 3-0 DJedi.

Final Score: 6-0 DJedi over (x_x)

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