19 Dec / 9:59 am

STA: DJedi vs Elemental Dragons

This match we played Elemental Dragons, {ED} on CTF_Turbine. This was our first match on this map and we didn’t really know what to expect.

The 1st round started out on our server and ended up with us pushing them back to their respawn hallway and holding them while heineken ran caps as scout. 1st Round ended up 23-2 DJedi.

The 2nd round we got a little silly as lunk switched from Soldier to Scout. I think Polar switched from Soldier to Engineer for a little while and put a gun up in the middle. We held the enemy in their hallway with a soldier/medic/demoman combo at each door and while lunk and hein ran relay caps in the background. We played no D on turbine and it showed, letting up 7 caps. The 2nd round ended 32-7 DJedi.

Final Score: 23-2, 32-7, DJedi over {ED} 55-9


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  1. REV6StingraY`d5 Says:

    Yea, “great job” guys.

    I heard some ED dude yelled at lunk for being a spawning piping punk. Good on him. :x

  2. hein Says:

    *Air Guitar*

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