27 Nov / 11:41 pm

Stronger Than All Match: DJedi over KQ

Tonight DJedi played in our first STA match for TF2 on CTF_2Forts versus Kaipira Quake Clan. Our defense was both bored and baffled by the interesting strategies they were running to try to get into our base.

Round 1 Round 2
djedikq-round1.jpg djedikq-round2.jpg

Rental’s Writeup

Yah so we won. 16 Caps. Not bad.
Like an elderly person with gas though, we let one out. I was standing at the top of the stairs with pipes at the bottom saying “i hope they dont go spiral” …sure enough.. no big deal. Lunk has recieved 40 lashes for his tomfoolery.
He made up for it by not getting killed at all round 2.

Totally my fault for letting that one go. I switched to heavy to clear the bridge and got hit with a crit on two runs for 40 seconds of awesome respawn waiting.

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