10 Dec / 10:51 am

Orange Box Wins Two Spike TV Video Game Awards


Spike has announced the winners for their 2007 Video Game Awards. Orange Box which brought home two awards this year, won for the best technology in Portal and best PC game thanks to it’s multi-faceted single player and multi player experiences. Orange box included the entire HL2 story line as well as Portal and Team Fortress 2. I don’t have any idea how Halo-3 won best multiplayer game, possibly due to fluff surrounding the game like Xbox live. Team Fortress 2, while it has a learning curve, presented an entire new way of thinking about online teamplay, to an entire new audience that may never have experienced the joy of team fortress that was enjoyed by so many during the quake world era.

Also of note are the awards by a relative latecomer in 2007, Call Of Duty 4. This shooter was by far the most impressive single-player experience I have had the pleasure to play in the past few years. It was the clear winner in the two categories it came away with, top shooter and top military game.

2007 Awards

  • Game of the Year: BioShock
  • Studio of the Year: Harmonix
  • Best Shooter: Call of Duty : 4 Modern Warfare
  • Best RPG: Mass Effect
  • Best Military Game: Call of Duty : 4 Modern Warfare
  • Best Individual Sports Game: skate
  • Best Handheld Game: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
  • Best Graphics: Crysis
  • Best Game Based on a Movie or TV Show: The Simpsons the Game
  • Best Rhythm Game: Rock Band
  • Best Driving Game: Dirt
  • Best Action Game: Super Mario Galaxy
  • Best Team Sports Game: Madden NFL ‘08
  • Best Soundtrack: Guitar Hero 3
  • Breakthrough Technology: Half Life 2: The Orange Box
  • Best Xbox 360 Game: BioShock
  • Best Wii Game: Super Mario Galaxy
  • Best PS3 Game: Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction
  • Best PC Game: The Orange Box
  • Best Original Score: Bioshock
  • Best Multiplayer Game: Halo 3
  • Most Addictive Video Game fueled by Dew: Halo 3

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