27 Nov / 11:24 am

Interview with RentAKnight from Adrenaline Gamer [aG]

Konspiracy.org has a great interview up with RentAKnight talking about the aG team and how they have progressed through the CEVO tournament. They discuss competative gameplay as well as their takedown of Comedy Option in the quarter finals of the tournament. Thanks to SolarEclipse for taking the time to talk with the community.

This is an interview with aG.Rent A Knight from clan Adrenaline Gamer. We cover topics such as TF2, competitive play, CEVO, Criticals, and what makes a team successful.

Adrenaline Gamer faces Doctors in the CEVO finals and should prove to be an excellent match. It turns out that they then turn around and play the same team in the TGL league. Good luck to you both.

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