15 Nov / 11:55 am

Fortress Stupidities

Found this blog entry while searching around on Reddit earlier today. Top Ten Team Fortress Stupidities lists 10 strategies that routinely run by naive teams that end up in ultimate failure.

The Orange Box is fantastic value: three of the greatest PC games every made, and with nine classes Team Fortress 2 provides more ways than ever before to show that you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. Read our guide to avoid your co-briefcase-grabbers hammering “change team” at the sight of your name.

  1. Scout Rush Suicide
  2. Single Shot Soldier
  3. Long Range Pyro
  4. Toe-to-toe demolitions
  5. This. Is. The Heavy!
  6. Engineer: Offensive Powerhouse
  7. Premature Uberulation
  8. The Essential Sniper
  9. The Dumbass Spy
  10. The One Man Team

Thanks for your insight guys, your perspective is not flawed.

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  1. lunk Says:

    Yea, blowing UBER in the respawn is not the best thing to do to win a match. FYI, i should never medic when it matters.