29 Oct / 11:46 pm

DJedi vs. First Line of Defense

DJedi defeated FLD on CP_Dustbowl

1st Half
The first half we started off on defense with Lunk on medic, this was the worst move ever. For the first time ever I was playing medic in a match, my timing was off, ducking didn’t exist, it was brutal. After blowing the uber in the respawn on the 2nd point it was soon obvious, medic is not my strong suit. We got capped on and we were down 0-1.
On offense we had the personnel and executed our strategy very effectively to go into the 2nd half tied, 1-1.

2nd Half
In the 2nd half we started on offense and captured without too much trouble. On defense we were able to hold them at the 2nd point for the remainder of the time to go up 2-0.

Good Game FLD

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