13 Nov / 2:35 pm

CEVO Demos

I have uploaded a demo from my POV of our match vs. The Experiment last night. My favorite part is the beginning where we cloaked in unison and knifed the entire other team during the warmup. I have also obtained two demos from SK and Brave who played against us last night.

While I was on the TFTV ftp site, I downloaded all the other demos that were there and they are available at http://www.digitaljedi.com/demos/tf2. There are other demos from noteable teams including EPIC vs. Strictly Business and Random New Clan’s match vs Tap Dat ASS. You can also see the CAPT-N-Crunch vs. Midnight Tokers

Other Matches
407 Death Clan vs. BOSS
JailBait vs. UGKZ

Mirror: http://www.backdoornobaby.com/demos

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